Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wow Me.

Back before you had a chance to miss me. Hello to all you Sing and Mar fans out there on the Internet. I have many things to discus, and update or two to provide. It has been an interesting couple of weeks. Firstly, I'm sure everyone wants to know how my pseudo blind-date went. I did pop up to NYC last weekend and, as promised, Banjo came through and we went out with her friend. I realized that I had actually met the girl before, which was very comforting, and we settled into a nice conversation about what she was doing (med school) other superficial nonsense. As it turns out, she was splitting time between the US and the middle east. She told me that she was leaving in a week (a comment I took to be a green light for some low-commitment hanky-panky) and I proceeded to woo her a little more assertively.

Banjo informed me that we were switching up bars and in true wing-girl form, made sure that the lady and I had a cab all to ourselves. Everything seemed to be going well, until she asked what I was doing this summer and I told her that I was working for a medical malpractice attorney. Whoops. Apparently Doctors-to-be don't look to kindly upon those paid to sue them . She immediately got defensive and was far less flirtatious for the rest of the night. I swear, I can't win for loosing.

In other news, I have a few other topics I want to discuss. A few weeks ago I attended a friends party where I met a nice girl. Let's call her Princess Persistence. Now, PP was cutie for sure and we exchanged numbers with the knowledge that we would clearly see each other in the future. After a week of texting, we ran into each other at a bar. I thought that we were finally going to have some 1 on 1 time to catch up, but apparently, she felt the need to make herself readily available to every other dude in the bar. When I asked her friend what the deal was, to figure out why I was getting relegated to the bullpen, she told me that PP wanted me to "Wow her". Wow her?! WTF! I have a freaking job. There's your wow.

Why does every girl expect to be swept off her feet with some ridiculous romantic gesture? In real life, people don't run through security at airports to stop women from getting on flights. Because if they did, they would get shot by an air marshal. We met. We had fun. We met again, and now, because I didn't show up to the bar blasting "In Your Eyes" by Phil Collins, I'm not trying hard enough. Puh-Leeze.

A friend of my says we're in a "Man-cession" right now. I don't agree, but even if we were, girls need to lock it up and stop expecting dudes to jump over the grand canyon to impress them. Frankly, I'd be impressed by a girl who's happy I actually called her when she gave me her number.

As a follow up to PP, she saw Nee out the other day and told her that because, I haven't called her since that incident, I must not be interested in her anymore. Apparently she said this with a bid of sadness. Here's the moral ladies: I'm not telling you to settle, but when a normal guy acts decently towards you, maybe you need to go with it instead of waiting for him to turn into prince charming.

No big deal though. There is no bitterness in my heart, and if I saw PP out, I'd give it another shot, but if I get told to cure cancer to impress her again, then she is going to die of Melanoma.

More to come this week.